Hearty Congratulations to all the Students for Securing 100% Results in AISSE (X Std.) Exams 2020. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.                                                                 Hearty Congratulations to all the students of CBSE Class-XII for Securing 100% Results in March, 2020 Exams. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.                                                                                                Admissions in Progress for Nursery, LKG, UKG & Classes I to XI

100% Results in AISSE (X Std.) Exams 2020

90-100 18
80-90 47
70-80 43
60-70 50
40 and above 46

1. Curriculum for the Year 2018-19

The Subjects offered in classes I to X are as follows:
01. English
02. Hindi / Telugu (2nd and 3rd Language)
03. Mathematics
04. Social Science
05. General Science
06. Computer Education
07. Physical & Health Education
08. Information Technology
09. Art Education
10. Work Education Activities: Karate, NCC, Scouts & Guides, Band, Judo, Cricket
11. Visual and Performing Arts: Music ( Vocal, Instrumental), Dance, Drama, Drawing, Painting, Crafts, Folk Art Forms etc.
The Subjects offered in classes XI to XII are as follows:
Compulsory: English Core
Elective: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Optional: (Any 1 Subject)
Physical Education / Computer Science
Compulsory: English Core
Elective: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Optional: (Any 1 Subject)
Physical Education/ Computer Science
  • The Student has to study 5 subjects compulsory and one optional subject.
  • A subject will be offered only if a minimum of 5 students opt for the same.
  • 2. School Managing Committee

    6. Teachers List

    S.No. Teacher Name Qualifications Designation
    1 Mrs.Dr. T. Lalitha KumariM.A(Eng. & Soc.) M.Ed, PGDFE, PGDGCC, D.Litt. Principal
    2 Mr. Chittaranjan Mohapatra M.A.(Socialogy), B.A.(Pol.Sc), B.Ed Vice Principal
    3 Mrs.V.Anitha B.Com, B.Ed., M.A., ( English ) T.G.T
    4 Mrs.K Anuradha B.Sc.,B.Ed., P.R.T
    5 Mrs. T Anuradha M.A., Hindi Vidwan P.R.T
    6 Mrs. M Archana B.Sc.,B.Ed., P.R.T
    7 Mrs. K Aruna M.A.Hindi - HPT T.G.T
    8 Mrs. Ather Waheed B.Sc.,B.Ed., T.G.T
    9 Mrs. K Bhagya Reddy B.Sc,B.Ed, M.B.A T.G.T
    10 Mrs. Faheen Sultana B.A.,HPT (Hindi) T.G.T
    11 Mr. K Gopala Krishna Murthy B.A.,TPT T.G.T
    12 Mrs. K Hemantha M.Com., B.Ed. T.G.T
    13 Mrs. Jayanti Mohapatra B.A.,HPT(Hindi) T.G.T
    14 >Mrs. M Kalyani B.COM. B.ED P.R.T
    15 Mrs. G Kavitha B.A., T.P.T., M.A., P.R.T
    16 Mrs. S Madhavi M.Sc. B.Ed ( Maths. ) P.R.T
    17 Mrs. A Manjula M.Sc(Botany) B.Ed P.R.T
    18 Mrs. M Manjula M.A.(English) B.Ed T.G.T
    19 Mr. S.V.L Narsimham B.A., T.P.T.I T.G.T
    20 Mr. D Neela Kanta Chary B.A.,TTC (DRAWING) , M.A ( Sociology ) P.R.T
    21 Mrs. K Padma B.Com.,B.Ed P.R.T
    22 Mr. M Prashanth M.Sc,B.Ed P.G.T
    23 Mrs. K Purnima Raj M.A,B.Ed T.G.T
    24 Mrs. S Rajitha M.C.A, B.Sc., BPEd,B.Ed. P.R.T
    25 Mr. E Ravi Kumar(P.E.T) B.Com., BPEd, T.G.T
    26Mrs. R Rohini M.Sc,B.Ed P.G.T
    27 Mrs. S Sailatha M.A(HPT. Hindi) P.R.T
    28 Mrs. N Soujanya M.Sc,B.Ed P.R.T
    29 Mrs. T Sri Vani M.Sc, B.Ed P.G.T
    30 Mrs. V Sri Vani M.A.,M.Com., B.Ed T.G.T
    31 Mr. E Srinivas B.Sc,B.Ed., M.A., ( English )., M.Ed T.G.T
    32 Mrs. G Sunitha B.Com, PPT P.R.T
    33 Mr. R Suresh M.C.A.B.Com ( Computer ) Computer
    34 Mrs. Ch Surya Kala M.Com, B.Ed P.R.T
    35 Mr. K Veeresham M.A.,B.Ed T.G.T
    36 Mrs. K Udaya Sri B.A., B.LiSc P.R.T
    37 Mr. T Nelson B.A (I.T.I) Librarian Librarian
    38 Mrs. A Anusha M.B.A., B.Ed P.R.T
    39 Mrs. P Leela B.Com., B.Ed P.R.T
    40 Mr. A Srinivas M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil - Chemistry ( Ph.D ) P.G.T
    41 Mrs. M Padma Sree M.A.,TPT T.G.T
    42 Mrs. G Vindhya Malathi M.A., B.Ed T.G.T
    43 Mr. K Venkata Ramana Chary B.Sc.,B.Ed. T.G.T
    44 Mrs. E Sandhya B.Com.,M.Ed P.R.T
    45 Mrs. S Madhu LathaM.Sc. ( Maths ) P.R.T
    46 Ms. D Sanghavi M.Tech (CSC) Computer
    47 Mr. K Laxman M.Sc.(Physics) B.Ed (Physical Science) P.G.T
    48 Mrs. C Swarna M.A., B.Ed P.R.T
    49 Mrs. M SrujanaM.C.A., B.Ed P.R.T
    50 Mrs. N Parimala M.A., B.Ed P.R.T
    51 Mrs. J Sujana Rani M.A.,(Hindi),B.Ed. T.G.T
    52 Mrs. Riya Motwani M.C.A.,M.C.J (Pursing B.Ed) T.G.T
    53 Mrs. J Sowmya Suresh M.Sc.,B.Ed. T.G.T
    54 Mr. B Srinivas B.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.A.( Eng ),M.Sc ( Physics ) T.G.T
    55 Mrs. T Pallavi M.A.,B.Ed. P.G.T
    56 Mrs A Sravani M.B.A., B.Ed P.R.T
    57 Mrs M Thirumala M.A.B.Ed P.R.T
    58 Mrs V Praveena M.A.B.Ed P.R.T
    59 Mrs T Malathi T.T.C., B.Sc., P.P.T.T.C P.R.T
    60 Mrs M Archana Mudholkar M.Com., B.Ed. P.R.T
    61 Mrs Ch Archana M.B.A., B.Ed P.R.T
    62 Mrs A Dhana Laxmi M.A.B.Ed P.R.T
    63 Mrs G Vasantha M.A.B.Ed P.R.T
    64 Mrs N Divya Kranthi B.Sc., (Pursuing B.Ed) P.R.T
    65 Mrs G Shirisha B.PED., T.P.T, M.A., ( Telugu ) P.E.T
    66 Mrs M Shailaja B.A.,T.T.C. ( Drawing ) P.R.T
    67 Mrs Mohini Joshi M.Sc.,B.Ed. P.R.T
    68 Mrs A Srilatha M.Sc.,B.Ed P.R.T
    69 Mrs G Sai Spoorthy B.Sc., (Pursuing B.Ed) P.R.T
    70 Mrs. M Shailaja Maram M.B.A (Pursing B.Ed) P.R.T
    71 Mrs M Swapna Morapelli M.A.B.Ed.,B.LISc P.R.T
    72 Mrs. P Vasavi M.Tech Computers Computer
    73 Mrs. B Srilatha M.A.B.Ed P.R.T
    74 Mr. MD Akbar M.A.,B.Ed T.G.T
    75 Mrs. M Shiva Priya M.Tech Computer
    76 Mrs. Asfia Tarannum M.C.A., M.A. B.Ed P.R.T
    77 Mrs. T Radhika M.Sc.,B.Ed P.R.T
    78 Mrs. G Madhavi M.Sc.,B.Ed P.R.T
    79 Mrs. V Katyayani M.A., H.P.T P.R.T
    80 Mrs. J Renuka Devi B.A.,B.Ed., P.P.T.T.C P.R.T
    81 Mrs. R Swapna B.A.B.Ped P.R.T
    82 Mrs. K Naga Punya M.A.,B.Ed P.R.T
    83 Mrs. T Aruna Kumari M.A.,B.Ed P.R.T
    84 MISS B Manasa B.Tech Computer
    85 Mrs. A Baby Mary B.Sc., B Z E., P.P.T.T.C. P.R.T
    86 Mrs. P Sandhya M.B.A ( H R )., B.Ed P.R.T
    87 Mr. M Vara Prasad M.Sc., Phd (Pursuing B.Ed) P.G.T
    88 Mrs. K Swapna M.Sc.,B.Ed. P.R.T
    89 Mrs. Pushpa Devi M.A.,B.Ed P.R.T
    90 Ms C Sumalatha B.Sc.,M.B.A (Pursuing B.Ed) P.R.T
    91 Mrs. M Vinoda B.A.,B.Ed P.R.T
    92 Mrs. Sriramoju Usha Sujatha M.C.A.,B.Ed P.R.T
    93 Ms G Srujana M.Com, B.Ed P.R.T
    94 Mr G Karunakar B.Com., BPEd. P.E.T
    95 Mrs. B Vanitha M.Com, B.Ed P.R.T
    96 Mrs. K Padma B.A.,BPEd. P.E.T
    97 Mr S Swamy M.Sc.,B.Ed. NET P.G.T
    98 Ms Seema Das B.Ed., M.A., ( Pursuing B.Ed) P.R.T
    99 Mrs. R Rajeshwari B.Sc (Pursing B.Ed) P.R.T
    100 Mrs. Korukanti Swathi M.A.,( English ) B.Ed, M C A P.R.T
    101 Mrs. P Suvarna B.A., H.P.T ( Hindi Pandit ) P.R.T
    102 Mrs. T Vanisree M.Com, M B A P.R.T
    103 Mrs. G Sowmya M.Sc.,B.Ed. ( Maths ) P.R.T
    104 Mrs. S Lalitha ( clssical music ) Classical Music  
    105 Mrs. P Suhasini (classical dance) Classical Dance  
    106 Mr. K Vasanth Kumar(Martial Arts) Black Belt 6th-Degree  
    107 Mr. V Sridhar Kabaddi 

    7. Strength Data

    Class No. Of Sections Enrolment strength of the students
    1 5 183
    2 6 226
    3 6 240
    4 6 234
    5 6 241
    6 5 199
    7 5 196
    8 5 177
    9 5 193
    10 5 171
    11 1 18
    12 3 90
    TOTAL 58 2168

    Documents to Download

    List of Books Annual Report School Circulars School Affiliation

    12.Academic Calendar 2019-20

    (Important Days and Public Holidays)
    April 1st New Academic Year Starts
    April 5th Babu Jagjiwan Ram Jayanthi(H)
    April 6th Uagadi(H)
    April 7th World Health Day
    April 13th Sri Rama Navami(H)
    April 18th World Heritage Day
    April 19th Good Friday(H)
    April 22nd World Earth Day
    June 1st World Milk Day
    June 2nd Telangana Formation Day
    June 5th World Environment Day
    June 5th Ramazan(H)
    June 8th World Ocean Day
    June 12th World Day against child labour
    June 17th World to combat desertification and drought
    June 21st Yoga Day
    June 26th International Day against drug abuse and Illicit trafficking
    June 28th Bonalu(Optional)
    July 11th World Population Day.
    July 15th World Youth Skills Day.
    July 26th Kargil Victory Day.
    July 28th World Nature Conservation Day
    AUGUST Commencement of Pre Mid-Term Test
    August 6th International Day of friendship, Hiroshima and Nagasaki day
    August 7th Sanskrit Diwas
    August 9th Varalakshmi Vratham(Optional)
    August 12th Bakrid
    August 15th Independence Day & Rakhi
    August 23rd Krishnashtami
    September 2nd Vinayaka Chavithi(H)
    September 5th Teachers Day
    September 9th Telugu Basha Dinostavam
    September 10th Moharam(H)
    September 14th Hindi Diwas
    September 16th International Day for preservation of ozone layer
    Mid-Term Exams (23 sept. to 30th sept.)
    I-Term Holidays 1st October to 11th October (Tentatively)
    October 11th International Day of the girl child and National day for Disaster Reduction.
    October 15th World students day APJ(Abdul Kalam Birthday)
    October 24th United Nations Day
    October 27th Diwali
    October 28th Sister Nivedita Birthday
    November 9th International week of science and peace
    November 10th Milad-un-nabi(H)
    November 11th National Education Day
    November 12th Gurunanak Jayanthi Karthika Poornima
    November 14th Children Day
    November 19th National Integration Day
    November 20th Universal Children Day
    December 7th Armed forces flag day
    December 10th Human Rights day
    December 11th UNICEF Day
    December 22nd National Mathematics Day
    December 23rd Kisan Diwas
    December 25th Christmas(H)
    December 26th Boxing Day(H)
    January 1st New Year Day(H)
    Commencement of Post Mid-Term Test
    January 26th Republic Day
    February 4th World cancer day
    February 21st Mahashivaratri & International Mother Language Day
    February 28th National Science Day
    March 8th International women’s day
    March 9th Holi(H)
    March 20th International Day of Happiness
    March 21st International Day of forests
    Final Exams

    13.Teachers Training Programs

    To impart best education to the students according to the ever changing needs of the society, we try to enhance our teaching strategies by conducting regular orientation programmes for the teachers every academic year. In the year 2018-19 we organised different training sessions for our teachers as given below:

     1. Life Skills(1 Day) on 14th July, 2018 by COE, Kakinada
    Resource Person: Mrs.C.Rama Devi, Principal, Bhavans Bharathiya Vidyalay, Hyderabad
     2. Career Counselling & Guidance and Skill Education on 6th Oct, 2018
    Resource Person: Dr. T. Lalitha Kumari, Principal, Vivekananda Residential School, Karimnagar.
     3. Inclusive Education(2Days) on 15th and 16th Dec, 2018 by by COE, Kakinada
    Resource Person: Mrs.K.Ananda Valli, Principal, Mathrusri DAV Public School, Hyderabad.
    Mrs.E.Kameshwari, Principal, Oasis School of Excellence, Hyderabad.
     4. Uses of Digital Technology in Classroom Teaching on 23rd Feb, 2019 >
    Resource Person: Mr.Santhosh, Senior Manager, Tata Class Edge.
     5. Best Teaching Strategies on 8th January, 2019
    Resource Person: Mrs.Jayanthi Venkata Raman, Principal, Sister Nivedita School, Hyderabad
     6. Enhancement of Communication Skills (Speech Express) in English
    Resource Person: Mrs.Ather Waheed (VRS English Faculty