Hearty Congratulations to all the Students for Securing 100% Results in AISSE (X Std.) Exams 2020. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.                                                                 Hearty Congratulations to all the students of CBSE Class-XII for Securing 100% Results in March, 2020 Exams. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.                                                                                                Admissions in Progress for Nursery, LKG, UKG & Classes I to XI

100% Results in AISSE (X Std.) Exams 2020

90-100 18
80-90 47
70-80 43
60-70 50
40 and above 46

Swamy Vivekananda Quotes
  • You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

  • We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

  • "I do not want to get material life, do not want the sense-life, but something higher."

  • Comfort is no test of truth; on the contrary, truth is often far from being comfortable.
Infrastructure Img

The School

Our philosophy is to give the best to the child and in this pursuit we recognise the importance of a good library, spacious classrooms, a large playground, well equipped laboratories and the positive reinforcement that can be given with the use of modern technology aids like the computer and audio-visual equipment.

To take advantage of all the new opportunities that are springing in the modern age, a child needs to be an individual with a curiosity to learn and should have a spirit of adventure. Our state-of-the-art facilities help to stimulate these critical faculties.

Almost every visitor to Vivekananda Residential School (VRS) notices the self-confidence, sense of pride and friendliness of the children whom they meet while going around the school. Everything we do in school is designed to nurture self-esteem and confidence in each child and we believe that the provision of a wide range of opportunities for children to take part in music, drama and dance is an essential part of this process.

Additionally we are committed to the idea that it is essential for children to be aware of the importance of enjoying physical exercise and, from their first days in school, we ensure that all boys and girls are able to benefit from by the education and other sports related activities. The organization of games at VRS ensures that every student will participate in a wide variety of sports, both team and individual pursuits. The aim is to improve skills, fitness, stamina and knowledge as well as gaining maximum enjoyment as an individual and learning responsibility and co-operation as a member of a team.


Situated in Karimnagar - Jagtial Road, the serene, spacious campus of VRS evokes peace and tranquility. One gets an instant feeling that it is the ideal ambience to pursue education. Free from any kind of distractions, the students can concentrate on the process of learning. Spread in vast area, the school has adequate infrastructure facilities. The class rooms get ample of natural light and ventilation, creating the perfect atmosphere needed for education.

Class Rooms

Well designed and enjoyable class rooms provide congenial atmosphere for learning. The number of students per section too is maintained meticulously, so as to ensure personal attention.


Any school is as good as its teachers. VRS varies in qualification and teaching ability of the faculty members. It has an excellent team of well-qualified teachers who have imbibed the philosophy of the school and its founders.

Educational Aids

While inculcating the traditional values, the school is not lagging behind in adopting modern technology. Latest audio-visual teaching aids are extensively being used in the class rooms. Computer education is mandatory for all the students. The school has the necessary systems in place along with internet facilities.

Science Laboratory

Science is a natural and fundamental part of our lives and can be regarded as "organised curiosity': It helps the children to understand the world around them. A well equipped laboratory facilitates the students to learn through practical investigations, developing skills of observing, comparing, predicting, testing, communicating and recording.


The library at VRS has a good collection of books on a whole range of subjects like arts, literature, science and general knowledge. Students are encouraged to make use of this facility extensively and develop the habit of reading good books.

Hostel (feels like HOME)

At VRS day scholars and boarders share equal status and enjoy exactly the same opportunities. Day scholars also have the advantage to use the school transport facility so that they waste no time in commuting. At the hostel we ensure that hostel boarders get the same warmth and security that they would have got in their house.

In addition to the well-balanced daily programme for boarders that includes academics and extra-curriculars, there are opportunities to take advantage of the school's many facilities in and out of doors. A full range of weekend activities is provided for boarders. These may include dramas, a visit to the theatre, a game, a puppet show or some debating competition, a lecture on some interesting aspect, a picnic, an excursion to a historical site and much much more, thus life for boarders is full.

The hostel staff at VRS are the people who really make the difference -a team of highly trained people who work exclusively in the Hostel. To make boarding like home, we have created comfortable living spaces full of colour and light. There is a separate hostel facility for boys and girls.

What about food? Meals at VRS are delicious and nutritious served in a large Dining Room. The menu is varied and our cooks ensure that no meal is boring or uninteresting.