"I pray god to keep you fresh afresh, lush.
To smell like the just blossomed native rose.
No, not like the 'hybrid' of course
Appearing well but smelling dull,
But like that, which is otherwise also called the MOGHAL ROSE, 
the most fragrant of all the roses."

I understand that over the last three decades, striving for excellence has been the philosophy of VRS. The academic ambience of the school too has contributed in facilitating merit to flourish. However, the need of the hour is to keep pace with worldwide developments and inspire students to have an international outlook. This will result in preparing a dynamic, global generation citizens of the world with wings of knowledge to soar them in the universal sky of borderless opportunities.

Dr. V. Kondal Rao

Chairman Advisory Committee


The seed of a vision that was sown in the year 1983, Vivekananda Residential School is marching towards its momentous 30th year. While all of us at VRS are proud of this fact, however, as every new academic year brings forth fresh challenges, we are aware of the responsibilities the year will place on our shoulders as well. Therefore, this year too, we are focused on building a firm foundation as well as nurturing all-round development while imparting quality education, which is our supreme goal. In the same vein, it's our collective responsibility to contribute in the character building of our students. I am hopeful of the school attaining all of the above while reposing confidence in the quality of mentoring enabled by the dedicated teachers. In conclusion, I am once again thankful to the parents for their high level of involvement.

Dr. P. Sudhakar Rao

Chairman Managing Committee

Hearty Congratulations to all the Students for Securing 100% Results in AISSE (X Std.) Exams 2020. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.                                                                 Hearty Congratulations to all the students of CBSE Class-XII for Securing 100% Results in March, 2020 Exams. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.                                                                                                Admissions in Progress for Nursery, LKG, UKG & Classes I to XI

100% Results in AISSE (X Std.) Exams 2020

90-100 18
80-90 47
70-80 43
60-70 50
40 and above 46

Swamy Vivekananda Quotes
  • You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

  • We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

  • "I do not want to get material life, do not want the sense-life, but something higher."

  • Comfort is no test of truth; on the contrary, truth is often far from being comfortable.
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Towards Perfection... through Education

Established 29 years ago, the Vivekananda Residential School was started with very high ideals. We take inspiration from Swami Vivekananda's philosophy of universal brotherhood. The culture and environment at Vivekananda Residential School helps the students imbibe the same and become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

We are proud of the energetic ambience in our school and encourage you to explore it at your convenience by visiting the campus on any event day. In each child's education, a positive elementary experience is of paramount importance. We take pride in our excellent student-teacher ratios, inspiring classrooms and co-curricular opportunities. The warm welcome that awaits visitors to our school reflects the supportive and cheerful learning environment which is Vivekananda!

Since its inception in 1983, Vivekananda Residential School has focused on the ongoing development of the whole person. Today, this traditional core value is reflected throughout our School. We offer challenging academic programs to meet individual needs, exciting co-curricular activities to encourage participation and solid values to foster respect and understanding.

Our committed faculty and staff focus on your child as an individual. Children are guided to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes which foster life-long learning and happiness. Class excursions and special school activities help our students learn about character, leadership and sound values. We believe that the optimistic child who is supported by an effective home-school partnership succeeds socially, emotionally and academically.

A good alumni is a reflection of the strong fundamentals of an institution, and Vivekananda Residential School takes pride in the successes that its alumni had over the past years.

Vivekananda Residential School is a school brimming with energy and creativity!.

A philosophy that goes beyond just marks

While we recognise the important role that marks and honours play in a student's life, we also recognise the fact that they are not everything.

The mission of Vivekananda Residential School (VRS) is to provide a stimulating educational environment so that children can develop their latent talents. Acknowledging a broad and multifaceted definition of potential, the school recognizes, single or in a team, creative and productive thinking, talent in the visual and performing arts, leadership, and psychomotor ability, in addition to general intellectual ability and academic aptitude.

VRS follows CBSE curriculum to nurture children's advancement through the progressive stages of social and intellectual development. The teachers integrate basic skills of the curriculum with higher levels of thinking, ultimately leading to creative problem solving. Students are presented with a wide variety of experiences and materials. They are encouraged to develop confidence and skill in all areas, to find challenges, and to test their talents in new and original ways. As they mature, students are expected to take increasing responsibility for their learning.

At VRS we believe that education should prepare students to make a positive impact on the future. Students are expected to pursue excellence, both academically and personally, and to show concern and respect for others in the world in which they live.

Beyond just Teaching

Teachers form the backbone of any institution and VRS realizes this fully. Great care is taken to recruit the best of talent and the school also gives the teachers enough time to get used to the VRS way of teaching and education. This is necessary because VRS believe in the all round development of a child, not just academic advancement.

At VRS, we provide the tools and then point students towards discovery. Our faculty uses real-world situations, thought-provoking problems and engaging lessons to give students a well-balanced, up-to-date education designed for mastery of basic skills through inquiry. Emphasis is placed on the development of insight not memorization. Teachers set up situations, problems, and lessons designed to allow students to learn by inquiry and discovery.

Committed to the development of the whole child, our teachers also provide opportunities for the growth of positive self-concept and awareness of self and personal values. The school has a low teacher student ratio which results in close relationship between teacher and students. By balancing a program of strong personal development with an expanding focus on the world, we foster an appreciation of individual and cultural differences along with a recognition of the fundamental interdependence of all people.

As a CBSE curriculum based school, VRS is naturally tuned to lay a strong foundation for students and to prepare students for national and international level exams such as IIT-JEE, EAMCET, AIEEE, TOEFEL, GRE and so on from Class VIII onwards.

Dr. V. Kondal Rao
Chairman - Advisory Committee

Mrs. P. Rama Devi
Secretary & Correspondent

Honourable Members
Prof. V. Viswanatham
Sri V.K. Premchand
Sri B.Rameshwar Rao

Mrs. T. Lalitha Kumari
Dr. Sudhakar Rao .P
Chairman - Managing Committee